Welcome to the home of South African biltong UK, lekker authentic South African biltong made right here in Devon.

Our South African Biltong, Birdtong and Droewors are all made from local and organic Devon meat. With our traditional spice mix, we put a lot of love and care into producing our artisan range of South African cured meats. check out our range below.

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  • Red Ruby Biltong

    Red Ruby Biltong (3)

    Our lekker biltong snack is made with Organic Devon Red Ruby Beef and a blend of Kiff spices including cloves and roasted coriander seeds.
  • Droewors and Boerewors

    Droewors and Boerewors (2)

    All of our Beef Droewors and Boerewors is made from lekker organic Devon Red Ruby Beef and traditional South African spices.
  • Devon Birdtong

    Devon Birdtong (3)

    Our lekker game birdtong is made with wild Devon meat and a blend of kiff spices including paprika and roasted coriander seeds.

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