Biltong spice powder

Beef Biltong spice, 3 amazing biltong recipes you need to try

Every pack of Lekker Bru biltong comes with an authentic beef biltong spice that gives it unmistakable South African taste. Between the early African Bushmen and the Dutch, Biltong recipes have been refined and now firm part of not only South African cuisine. Biltong is growing in popularity all over the world. 

The most popular way to enjoy your biltong is with your favourite cold drink and a few snacks or a cheeseboard. Or something to munch on while having a Braai, of course. But you can use biltong as an ingredient, I’ve listest a few ways I like to use it in my cooking.

At the bottom of every packed of Lekker Bru Biltong, you will find some beef biltong spice. This is gold dust and at the very heart of what gives our biltong the earthy African flavour. DON’T THROUGH THIS AWAY. All of this meaty biltong flavour can add incredible flavour to your cooking. 

3 very quick recipes for leftover beef biltong spice. 

  1. Toasted Cheese sarnie with Beef Biltong spice
    Who does like a cheese toastie?  Once you’ve grated your cheese onto your favourite bread, I like to add some thinly sliced tomatoes and then a healthy sprinkle of the spice mix. This will add a big bold punch a flavour.
  2. Tomato soup with Beef Biltong spice
    I do LOVE a tin of Heinze tomato soup on a moody winters day. But I like to beef it up a bit. I heat up in the microwave as per the tins instructions, then I add a generous pinch of the spice mix along with a hearty grating of parmesan cheese. I then mop it all up with some toast soldiers. Mmmmm, is it lunchtime yet??
  3. Mac & Cheese with Beef Biltong spice
    Our kids go MAD for Mac & Cheese, I usually use bacon lardons which add some great bacon flavour. But recently I tried the addition of the spice mix which works incredibly well. With some sliced tomato on top, it’s a firm family favourite!

So there you have it, three VERY quick and super simple ways to use your leftover spice mix to add a heavyweight punch to your cooking. If you discover other ways to use your spice mix, get in touch and let me know!

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