Pheasant Biltong

Beef vs Pheasant Biltong, how do they stack up?

Biltong is fast becoming one of the most popular meat snacks in the UK, but have you heard of pheasant biltong? As you’d expect beef biltong is the most common type in the UK. Naturally, the UK doesn’t have quite the same game wildlife as African but there are still some good alternatives to try including pheasant birdtong.

Can you make biltong from Pheasants?

Not many people have heard of pheasant biltong (or birdtong as we call it), that’s because we only pioneered making it around 2 years ago. In fact, back in the day pheasants used to be more common and widely eaten than chicken. In modern times they’re not a popular choice and often people find the taste ‘too gamey’ a common mistake when hanging them for too long.

Pheasant birds make for fantastic biltong. The meat has a very different texture to red meat and grass-fed animals but the real key is to not over dry your pheasant biltong. Being a smaller and more delicate cut of meat (compared to red meat) it can easily over dry.

Our pheasant biltong is only hung for 24 hours, this helps the natural game flavour mature in the meat just to the right point without being overbearing.

We use a similar spice flavouring to our beef biltong, with the addition of smoked paprika and herbs. If you’ve been thinking about trying it, here are 5 reasons why I think you need to try pheasant biltong.

How does Beef vs Pheasant Biltong stack up?

In truth, you can’t really compare beef biltong and pheasant biltong like for like, from a taste point of view they are very different. It’s like trying to compare chicken and beef…sort of. The common thread is the authentic biltong spice flavours we use but that’s where the similarities stop.

Pheasant biltong holds its own next to a bowl of beef biltong. It is lighter than beef (being white meat) but it absorbs more of the spice flavour than the beef which can make it taste as rich and delicious. It is also very lean and healthy meat.

 Go-on, give it a go ; )

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