Biltong for muscle building

Power-up! Biltong for muscle building, does it work?

If you’re into your fitness and a keen gym-goer you need to check out biltong for muscle building. It’s low in fat, packed FULL of protein and is also loaded with zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin B-12. That’s why Kevin (pictured above) is looking so hard…just kidding that’s me, no really it’s my father.

Unlike American jerky, beef biltong is cut into larger strips after it’s air-dried, anywhere from 3-7 days to retain the meat’s core nutrients. It’s also doused in vinegar, and rubbed with salt to eliminate the chewy texture often associated with other dried meats. No longer a fatty road trip snack, ‘health-conscious’ pre-packaged meats are being praised for their many benefits – South African biltong in particular. Check out the reasons why the Evening Standard think you should be eating biltong this year.

You can also find out loads more facts about biltong in our ultimate biltong guide.

Is biltong good for exercising?

If you are a casual gym-goer, you’ll know the importance of staying active and probably hit the gym around 1-3 times a week. Because it’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates biltong for muscle building is often a key snack for fitness fanatics.

Most active people lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, with good sleep at night and staying active throughout days off. You may not be obsessed with working out, but you don’t like missing it. It’s also good to mix it up a bit on the bike, lift some weights, go for a swim, or play some football.

If you’re into your fitness and exercise, you’re probably more interested in simply staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle than in improving your abilities or bulking up like our friend ‘Kev’ in the pic. But it’s not just about eating biltong for muscle building, it’s also really great for slow-burning energy!

Is biltong best with or without fat for a Competitor or Athlete?

A semi or professional competitor takes their workouts more seriously than a regular exerciser. You’ll be able to find a competitor at the gym 3-5 times a week easily because this is a way of life.

By actively seeking out ways to improve health and lifestyle, diet is key at all times. For example, the casual exerciser might avoid certain foods but the competitor plans meals. There is calorie counting that needs to be done in order to sustain muscle building and biltong acts better as a fuelling snack, especially on those long workouts.

An athlete is hardcore and at another level. Often seen as superhuman by their friends, they can be found at the gym or fine-tuning their chosen sport at least five times a week. For an athlete, exercise isn’t just a part of their life, it is their life. Eating biltong for muscle building is very common here.

Their entire daily routine – from what they eat and when they sleep to where they work and what they do for fun – revolves around fitness. If a moment goes by that the Athlete isn’t pushing themself to their absolute highest potential, the feels as if they’ve wasted their time.

Fat is important in the athlete’s diet as it provides essential energy, as well as important fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. However, it should be eaten in moderation. Eating food that includes fat is one way for athletes to meet their energy needs and improve performance. You can eat biltong for muscle building, but it also contains just the right amount of fat and leaves you feeling full but not bloated.

Try Biltong as your fitness snack

If you’re keen to try biltong for muscle building or even just as a post work out snack, check out our Lekker Bru biltong. Our Artisan biltong is packed full of flavour and no nasty preservatives because it’s kiff.

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