Biltong kits VS DIY biltong spice

Biltong kits VS DIY Biltong spice, which is more beneficial and why?

When it comes to making your own, biltong kits VS DIY biltong spice. Both have their benefits but I’m going to outline a couple things for you to try and also guide you through making your own DIY biltong spice mix.

Biltong kits, where to start?

If you google biltong kits, you’ll see loads of results. There are so many options out there if you are wanting to try making biltong for the first time – where do you start? Personally I’d advise you against buying a cheap all in one kit.

Most biltong kits come with just a spice mix, although this is a critical part of making biltong you also need a way to dry it. Check out our biltong recipe to see the biltong making process in more detail.

So when it comes to kits, forget the gimmicks. If you are going to buy some biltong spice, here are two very authentic South African spice mixes to try.

  1. Freddy Hirsch Original Biltong Spice
  2. Crown National Safari Biltong Spice

Both of these spice mixes have one big flaw, they are not natural. They are loaded with extra preservatives, MSG, gluten and enhanced flavourings. The one key advantage is that they boost the shelf life of your biltong and it’s a quick fix. But personally I prefer it the natural way!

DIY Biltong spice

Making your own DIY biltong spice is SUPER easy, it’s cheaper than buying a spice mix…and you know EXACTLY what’s in it. If you make a large batch you can also store it in a jar for around 6-12 months, but chances are you’ll use it up way before then because it’s so DAMN goooood!

This is what you’re going to need:

  1. Coriander seeds, roasted in a pan and coarsely ground
  2. Black pepper, coarsely ground
  3. Cornish sea salt (DO NOT USE cheap fine salt)
  4. Smoked paprika, just a bit. For that smokey punch.

For the full details of our spice recipe check out:

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