Biltong problem-solving

Biltong problem-solving, our top 5 tips

The only way to learn about biltong problem-solving is to try a fail a few times, we sure have in the early days. Like anything the more you do it, the easier natural it becomes. In this blog, I want to share a few of my biltong fails along the way. 

It’s one thing following a biltong recipe, but mastering the process of how to make biltong is something else. In truth, you can’t go too wrong. Making biltong is a relatively straightforward process, you just need the right kit and a bit of patience.

Tried and test Biltong problem-solving

Being from Cape Town, I know how I like my Biltong. If you’re new to your DIY biltong making journey, I’ve going to share these common mistakes to watch out for.

Biltong that is too salty: 

There is nothing worse than this and a very common mistake. Use good quality sea salt flakes, do not use refined table salt.

Biltong that is too dry: 

Another common problem, especially for people who use dehydrators. Keep the temperature as low as possible, you don’t want to slow cook your meat! 

Biltong that is too bland: 

The key to good flavour is to keep the fat on your meat (this also helps with moisture), marinade your meat for a good 24 hours overnight in your fridge and don’t be stingy with your spice mix.  

Does biltong use sugar? In my view no good biltong recipe should use sugar.

6 Top biltong making tips

Here are my top tips with some further reading to help with your biltong problem-solving

  1. Use the best quality meat you can, we use organic Devon Red Ruby Beef
  2. Don’t freeze your biltong, you just don’t need to
  3. Take the time to make your own spice mix, rather than buying biltong kits…here’s why
  4. Don’t let your biltong do mouldy, make sure you store if properly
  5. Long and slow is the way to go when drying your biltong
  6. Hide your biltong from family predators

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