ultimate game biltong

The ultimate game biltong 5 reasons why birdtong is Kiff!

Biltong is amazing and in the UK is mostly made from beef, but if you want to explore some alternatives what is the ultimate game biltong to try?

Not many people have heard of birdtong, that’s because we only made it up around a year ago. Living in Devon around the countryside is great, we are surrounded by rolling hills with large open spaces and wildlife all around us.

How we source our birdtong meat

I have lived in Devon for over 15 years now and have some great friends, some of whom have pheasant farmers. Pheasant shooting is a popular sport during the months of October to February. One of the downsides of this is that sometimes birds go to waste.

I really don’t like seeing food go to waste, especially beautiful pheasant birds who are really tasty if used in the right way. So it gave me the idea for birdtong, using pheasant and partridge meat that would have otherwise gone to waste.

5 reasons why birdtong makes the ultimate game biltong

There are a few reasons why I think pheasant and partridge birds make the ultimate game biltong. If you haven’t tried it yet I’m going to sum up my 5 reasons why I love it so much!

  1. It’s organic baby, yeah!
    These birds have the best life with loads of wild space to roam freely.
  2. Cheaper than beef.
    Good quality red ruby beef, the type we use in our biltong is not cheap. These birds work out way cheaper, this makes our birdtong way cheaper than our beef biltong.
  3. Sustainable all the way.
    We are doing our bit to save these birds going to waste and turning them into a tasty snack. But as well as this, these birds are far less demanding on the environment than beef.
  4. Lean and healthy.
    Like most game, there is very little fat on these birds and their natural diet means that their meat is not only super tasty but also packed full of goodness.
  5. Tasty with a twist of game.
    Not everyone likes the taste of game, it can be overpowering. You can hang pheasants for up to 7 days, some people even stretch it to 14 days. But we tend to hang our birds for 2-3 days, this lets the flavour in the meat mature without getting too overpowering.

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