Game Biltong

Game Biltong health benefits, better than beef biltong?

If you’ve ever been to South Africa you’ll know that game biltong is as popular as beef biltong, this is partly because there is such a wild variety of game. Springbok and Kudu biltong are my favourite game biltong meats. These meats are rare and mostly impossible to import to the UK.

The sad fact is that even in South Africa, game meat is becoming a rare commodity. Poaching goes beyond elephants and rhinos. Fortunately, there are some great advances in alarm systems to help stop poachers in their tracks.

How healthy is game biltong?

Back here in the UK, there are two main types of game meat commonly used for making game biltong. Both Pheasants and Vennison are the most common types of game and are found all over England.

When it comes to the health benefits of any game biltong it’s always going to be a healthier choice than beef. Although the most popular choice, beef is higher in fat and cholesterol, it is also more expensive and less sustainable as a whole.

When it comes to buying beef biltong, you should choose beef biltong that is made with grass-fed organic beef.

Pheasant Game biltong health stats

Pheasant is a very rural meat and is normally quite reasonable to buy from most local butchers, it’s far cheaper than venison. Especially in the autumn to winter shooting season. It is loaded with protein and has significant levels of B vitamins and potassium. 

It has high levels of the best kind of iron, especially good for building up muscle in your body.

A 100g packet of pheasant game biltong contains just 133 calories, 78% are pure protein and 22% from fat. This is less than half the fat found in an equivalent cut of beef.

So it may be healthier than Beef biltong, but is Pheasant biltong better? Tell us what you think!

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