how to eat biltong

How to eat biltong, the #1 epic snack!

If you want to know how to eat biltong like a South African, it’s easy. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s evening in front of a braai than slicing up a few slithers of biltong and washing it down with a can of Castle lager (or other drink of your choice).

How to eat biltong in the UK

The most common way to eat biltong in the UK is almost like a tapas appetizer or snack (like in Spanish cuisine). In it’s simplest form it is served freshly sliced or fresh out of a pre-sliced packet to go alongside other side dishes with a glass of wine or a beer. Designed to be a healthy meaty snack, it’s also great for day trips and awesome as fuel for sporting events.

Thinking about how to eat biltong always makes the tummy rumble.  It could be in front of a fire on a cold Winters afternoon, or on a picnic on a bright sunny day biltong makes a fantastic addition to any cheese board, picnic basket or tapas dishes. 

Here are a few of our favourite things to serve with biltong:

  • Droewors (drywors sticks)
  • Chips, or crisps in the UK : )
  • Olives
  • Fresh Anchovies
  • Humus
  • Breadsticks
  • Sourdough bread and extra virgin olive oil with a few dashes of balsamic vinegar
  • Peppadews
how to enjoy biltong

Can you eat too much biltong?

Biltong is a loved South African snack that is VERY hard to resist. But like anything in life, beef biltong should be eaten in moderation. It can cause weight gain, high cholesterol and high blood pressure if consumed in excess amounts. 

Game biltong is a healthier alternative, this is because it is lower in cholesterol than beef. It has roughly the same amount of protein and has far less fat. In fact, we do do a range of birdtong that you should check out. 

Can you use biltong as an ingredient?

When thinking about how to eat biltong the default is straight out of a packet, but there are a number of different recipes that use biltong as an ingredient.

Just like salami, ham or any other charcuterie. Biltong can also be used for a variety of cooking recipes, some of these include:

  1. Biltong sandwich BLT: Switch out your bacon for biltong, add your lettuce and tomato. Perhaps a cheeky chunk of extra mature cheddar cheese. YUM!
  2. Biltong baked potato: This makes a delicious alternative to the ham, cheese and coleslaw filling. Just swap out the ham for biltong to set your taste buds free!
  3. Biltong salad: If you like your salad (i know i do) then you NEED to try this mega tasty Biltong and Avo salad
  4. Biltong pizza: We often make our own pizza, biltong works REALLY well with sundried tomatoes and also makes an excellent alternative to the hawaiian pizza, just swap out the ham for biltong. We call it the safari pizza.   
  5. Biltong quiche: Summer pikniks are never quite complete without a bit of quiche, right? I’ve only just recently discovered this and it’s rocked my world ever since, check out this kiff recipe for biltong quiche.

Want to find out more about biltong?

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