How to store biltong

How to store biltong 5 essential biltong storage tips

Biltong is best fresh, but how to store biltong locking in that flavour is not that hard. I’m going to share 5 essential biltong storage tips. If you’ve just made your own biltong from our Lekker Bru biltong recipe or somewhere else, you’re in the right place.

Biltong is the most popular South African snack, it’s an institute a bit like the English Sunday roast. I grew up in South African standing around the ‘Braai’, drinking Castle and munching on Biltong. It’s the most common snack to chow around the Braai, especially when freshly made!

It’s not a kiff idea to eat 2-3 kg of biltong in one go, so I’m going to share some ideas on how to store biltong and also some biltong storage tips to help lock in that freshness and maximise shelf life.

The NO-NOs of how to store biltong

Fresh biltong is at its best within 5 days of opening or making. How to store biltong really depends on how long you need to store it for. A large unsliced slab of biltong will keep the moisture locked in and will typically last longer than sliced which will have more area exposed to lose moisture.  

Never store Biltong in plastic, the moisture will be trapped and make it mouldy. If your biltong starts to show early signs of mould, do not through it away. In most cases this is not harmful bacteria and if you catch it early enough you can save it from the bin.

We often get asked how to store biltong to avoid mould growth. As long as you catch it early enough you can use a clean cloth dipped in vinegar to wipe off the early stages of moulds. But if the mould has excessively covered the meat you’ll be safer to bin it.

The biggest NO-NOs of how to store biltong is to not store it in a warm humid environment, especially where there is no airflow. You can see mould growth in as little as 1 day in this type of environment. Biltong can be frozen, but it changes the texture and we wouldn’t recommend it. It also goes against why biltong was invented in the first place.

5 essential biltong storage tips

Ok,so you know what NOT to do. So how about some biltong storage tips to help you on your way. It doesn’t matter too much if you store your biltong in whole slabs or if you pre-slice before you store, these biltong storage tips cover both.

  1. Never store Biltong in plastic, it will not allow biltong to breath and will encourage mould growth
  2. A large slab of biltong over sliced will keep the moisture and flavour locked in for longer storage
  3. Paper bag in the fridge, is the best term storage (5-10 days) or wrapped in newspapper
  4. Vacuum pack, for longer-term storage you can vacpack for 6-12 months if stored in cool dark conditions
  5. Mould, attack early signs of the mould with a clean cloth dipped in vinegar. If excessively covered, then bin.
    AG Shame!

So there’s our lekker biltong storage tips, hope you find it useful. Please leave question or any other kiff ideas below!

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