Biltong spice powder

NEW Biltong spice powder product

We’ve recently added Biltong spice powder to our product range. With biltong shavings and that classic biltong spice mix, it will give the most amazing kick to any stew.

At the bottom of every packed of Lekker Bru Biltong, you will find some beef biltong spice. This is gold dust and at the very heart of what gives our biltong the earthy African flavour. DON’T THROUGH THIS AWAY. All of this meaty biltong flavour can add incredible flavour to your cooking.

How should you use Biltong spice powder?

Using this Biltong Spice Mix adds a real depth of flavour to your cooking. One of our absolute favourite ways to use is in spaghetti bolognese, just 1 pack of our Biltong Spice Mix will absolutely transform your dish and pack an incredible punch of authentic flavour without being overbearing.

Our 30g packs of Biltong spice powder are best used in one hit. Here are three of my favourite quick recipes, give them a try and let us know if you come up with any other ideas.

For recipe ideas using Biltong spice powder see:


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