pheasant biltong fitness snack

Pheasant Biltong fitness snack, 5 reasons you absolutely need to try

If you’re into working out you need to check out our pheasant biltong fitness snack great for muscle building because it’s low in fat and packed FULL of protein.  

In our recent blog, we revealed some surprising Pheasant Biltong taste results. 57% of people said that after having tried our pheasant biltong fitness snack, they prefered it to the beef biltong. Proving that not only is our pheasant biltong great tasting, it also packs great health benefits.

The key to great fitness snacks is usually having something that’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates (depending on your sporting needs) and ideally something that can give you slow-burning energy.

5 reasons to try our Pheasant Biltong fitness snack

  1. Low in fat, pheasant mean only has between 4-5g of fat per 100g 
  2. High in protein, as well as significant levels of B vitamins and potassium 
  3. Low in salt, and no sugar (or none in our product)
  4. No added rubbish, our recipe uses just a few natural ingredients
  5. It’s light, bloody tasty and lasts for ages

Fat is important in the athlete’s diet as it provides essential energy, as well as important fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. However, it should be eaten in moderation. Eating food that includes fat is one way for athletes to meet their energy needs and improve performance. Our pheasant biltong fitness snack contains just the right amount of fat and leaves you feeling full but not bloated.

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