Pheasant Biltong taste

Pheasant Biltong taste, 3 surprising results from a tasting event

A pheasant Biltong taste is hard to describe, but our pheasant birdtong is made with fresh wild Devon birds dried and cured with red-wine vinegar plus a blend of spices including salt, pepper, paprika and roasted coriander seeds. It’s a similar recipe to our beef biltong, but pheasant is white meat like chicken but it’s leaner with a soft game taste.

While chicken is and always will be the most popular bird meat in the world, there was a time (a long time ago) when pheasant was at the centre of most British roast dinners. When cooked right its sweet and earthy flavour is magical. In modern-day British cooking has mostly fallen out of favour because it is easy to ruin it. This discussion thread on what pheasant tastes like is a great example of how it has a bit of a love-hate relationship and usually splits opinions

In my previous blog The rise of Pheasant game biltong, I explain some of the reasons why I love this bird. I’m personally addicted to the pheasant biltong taste, but because pheasant meat has a kinda negative reputation. I was expecting people to not really like it, this is what I found.

Pheasant Biltong taste event survey resultsLekker Bru - Pheasant Biltong taste, 3 surprising results from a tasting event

Just before the first lockdown in March ‘20, we ran a free biltong tasting event with a great mix of folks some of them not had never tried biltong. It was a really fun way of trying out some new biltong products and getting some clear feedback on some of the variations I was trying at the time.

Out of all the biltong meat and flavour variations I put out for people to try that day. I was most interested in the results that come in for the pheasant biltong taste. Here are three of the most surprising results:

  1. 51% of people who had tasted pheasant said they don’t normally like the taste of pheasant game. (this is usually because it’s hung for too long)
  2. 83% of people who tried the pheasant biltong said it tasted way better than they expected and couldn’t fault its flavour or texture
  3. 57% of people said that after having tried the pheasant biltong, they prefered it to the beef biltong

The best kind of feedback is when people tell you what they either don’t like or what can be improved. Have you heard of THE MOM TEST? They say you shouldn’t ask your mom whether your business is a good idea, because she loves you and will lie to you. On that note, if you’ve tried our products and you have feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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