The best way to slice your biltong

The best way to slice your biltong.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you either thinking about making some DIY biltong or perhaps you’ve already made some. But to slice or not to slice, that is the question.

We love sharing tips on our experience of making biltong, in fact, we have a growing list of around 9 blogs covering everything from biltong recipes to ingredients details and building biltong boxes.

The key to good biltong is the right balance between dryness and moisture. Too dry and you end up with a very ‘old school’ tough biltong that you can spend a whole day chewing on. Some people like it that way, but not many. 

Most people like their biltong moist, but you don’t want it underdone. 4-5 days of drying is just about right depending on conditions, more info about drying biltong here.

Should you slice your biltong?

In short, as soon as you slice your biltong you create more surface area for the meat to further dry out. So it really depends on how you are planning to store it.

Keeping your slabs of biltong whole will help lock in the flavour and moisture for longer and traditionally in South Africa this is how we roll. Any biltong shop back in SA will have a large display of biltong slabs hanging in the window. There are even dedicated biltong cutters that people use to slice what they need.

We slice our Lekker Bru biltong and package straight away to lock in the freshness, flavour and moisture. But what is the best way to slice your biltong??

The best way to slice your biltong

There are two ways to slice mean, along the grain or against the grain. The best way to slice your biltong is against the grain. But only after your biltong is dried and ready.

It’s easier to slice along the grain, but it’s better the slice against the grain to get a better distribution of fat on each slice. There is SO much amazing flavour in the fat!

The best way to slice your biltong.

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