Biltong hiding spots

TOP Biltong hiding spots & essential storage tips

In our household, with 3 HUNGRY teenagers a biltong thirsty wife and a ninja dog in the mix, biltong is a DANGEROUS thing to leave lying around. You need Biltong hiding spots.

My wife and kids are like carnivores cavemen, not to mention our dog who has gone to extreme lengths in the past to steal our most loved meaty snack. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years, it that if you want your biltong to last. You need to hide it!

Essential biltong storage tips

Over the years I’ve had to learn the hard way, what seemed like a genius hiding spot 6 months ago seems kinda stupid when you find a mould-infested stash of biltong in a half-eaten packed…unsealed down the side of the sofa. Even the dog willing to turn that one down.

When it comes to how to store biltong I cover some of the NO-Nos in this blog, two of the key enemies are humidity and mould (best friends). The ideal would be to not have to think about storage, or hiding your stash and just enjoy it all in one go. But that’s not practical or a healthy option either.

Biltong hiding spots

If you’re reading this you probably both agree with the need to hind your biltong and also the lunacy of having to do it. Fortunately all our Lekker Bru biltong is vacuum packed locking in the freshness for up to a year, so finding the right hiding spots that fit a dark and cool environment are the key to success…and not forgetting about them.

Some of my top Biltong hiding spots over the years

  • Underwear draw: VERY safe from kids and dog. Wife brave enough to chance it.
  • In the drinks cabinet: Worked a dream in dry January, then failed
  • Geocache box in the garden, worked great in winter but drove the dog nuts
  • Under your pillow, tried it for one night then realised I needed help 
  • Stored safely with my vegan neighbour, my ultimate hiding spot

Biltong is designed to last, but it’s not made to last. It’s just too good. When you have a fridge full staring at you every time you open the door for a snack, chances are it’s going to be hard to resist the temptation. It may be worth stashing in your favourite biltong hiding spots around the kitchen. Because our biltong is cured and vacuum packed it doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge, room temperature is fine. 

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