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Bil – tong (an Afrikaans word originating from Dutch) translates as bil meaning “rump/buttock” and tong referring to a “strip/tongue”. Essentially Biltong means dried cured meat strips, not animal tongues…not UK biltong anyway.

UK biltong made by a South African

The difference between SA and UK biltong isn’t much and the process is very similar. In South African, you have more game meat options, although with the current state of greedy poachers African game is being increasingly protected for good reason. In the UK, beef is by far the most common meat to use for biltong however bird game such as pheasants and partridge are also fantastic

Ultimate biltong guide:

WE LOVE BILTONG. In fact we love it SO much we thought it would be handy to create this ultimate guide highlighting everything you need to know about this much loved South African meaty snack.

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